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How To Generate Leads, Enquiries And Sales From People Searching Online For Your Business

By now, you already know that most people use search engines daily to search for information, research and buy things. This action alone proof that SEO works.

While we do not promise SEO is the overnight answer to your business problem and it’s not.

However, with a sound SEO strategy, it will, over time, solve some of the nagging problems that most businesses have.

Investing in a solid SEO strategy for lead, enquiries and sales remains highly relevant in this “new norm.

In the medium to long term, it is the most cost-effective and predictable form of digital advertising for either B2B or B2C. 

So you already know how important SEO is for your business growth, otherwise, you wouldn’t be landing on this page.

What you really want to know is how to get more free traffic, leads, and sales through search engines, right?

Most businesses feel lost because SEO is changing rapidly and was promised the moon but didn’t quite expect the result in the end.

The truth is, many of the old SEO methods no longer work. The SEO hacks, will only take you so far. It is also true that if your next customer or client can search for your competition online and not yours, your competition will pass you and leave you behind.

We have a proven method that been evolving over many years. This is the method that we deploy for our client and some of our personal site. Today I’m going to share that with you. It’s called the …..

Inbound Leads Acceleration Session

This is a custom-tailored plan so you can generate more leads, enquiries and sales. During the session, we will walk through and consult you the following:

Review your site optimization

You get a complete analysis and explanation as to why your site is not ranking at the top of the search engines that it should. More importantly, we’ll show you how to launch it properly so your best potential prospect can see your site. (Valued at $97.)

Review your site conversion

You’ll discover what might be turning website visitors off and how to turn them into leads, enquiries or income service calls. (valued at $97.)

Review your onsite content

You’ll get to understand 3 different types of content and you should write in order to convert visitor at different stages. (Valued at $197.)

Review your site trustworthiness

You’ll get to detailed analysis and explanation on how to improve your site trust (ie NAP) so that both your visitor and google will come to love your site. (Valued at $97.)

Local Search Domination Strategy

We will outline step-by-step how you can leverage the search engines for more leads, enquiries and sales. This is not a “cookie-cutter” plan… but rather…

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Hear From Our Happy Clients Themselves

I was looking for a Singapore Digital Marketing Agency to rank my website higher in Google. Jeffrey was referred to me by one of my friend. He help me strategize my SEO marketing. I am pleased that my traffic increase and gotten sales enquiries from his effort.
– Ron, eCommerce Seller

I’m glad to have found Jeffrey through one of my friend. He is patient and walk me through SEO and how my site can rank in search engines. I took his SEO service and in 3 months time, I’ve seen increase in traffic and online enquiry. He go over and beyond to help me structure my follow up also. Really appreciate for all your help Jeffrey.

A Customised Blueprint For

YOUR Business, YOUR Website 

And YOUR Particular Service Area!

Note: We can only take up 3-5 businesses in any given service area

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