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Our Process: Project Management

For every project that we embark with our client, we follow a process. 

A project management process that is predictable, systematic and transparent. 

This process allows us to get the job done right out of the gate. 

We uses roles at SocialProfit to determine the roles and responsibilities.

This also serves as stages for our clients.  

Services Process

Stage 1 - Consultation

our process

We will sit down to understand your objective, needs and business processes. This allows us to fully understand where you are heading and better to assist you in web design or digital marketing. 

Stage 2 - Formulation


After we have gather the necessary information from you at stage 1, we will let you know how to proceed forward while we formulate your digital marketing plan and website design.

Stage 3 - Execution


This is where we execute your digital marketing plan and website design based on the agreed deliverables. You will receive a monthly report for your marketing and a standard 1 hour free training from us after website completion.

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