How to Do Lead Generation for Website

Sales leads are critical to any business. It is important that your business has a process for turning those potential leads into actual sales. And to achieve that, you will need a lead generation for the website process in place for your business. This can be done in a variety of ways, ranging from SEO to content marketing.

In this article, we will touch on the proven methods to generate qualified leads online.

lead generation for website

SEO Lead Generation for Website

If you want to increase your website traffic, then you should focus on search engines like Google and Bing. Do you know that most people start their research by doing a quick search before buying anything online? They either land on your website or your competitor’s. So, be there when they are searching for you.

To get started, create some content that’s targeted at your potential customers.

This could include an article, a video, or any other type of media.

Content marketing is still an integral part of business, but it’s important to take note that the content written is meant to be both the reader and for the search engines. You’ll need to add in relevant keywords to the article you write about.

Next, you should look into link-building techniques. Backlink building is when you create links to your website from other websites.

An inbound link is a special type of backlink that will allow you to rank higher on search results and bring more visitors.

Like other business owners who have too many things going on, you should consider hiring an SEO expert who can do SEO lead generation for websites. They’ll be able to provide valuable advice on where to focus, and will also help you to improve your ranking.

Facebook Lead Generation

If you are considering using a free method for lead generation for a website on social media platforms like FB, you will need to set up a page and post content regularly. If you are in the business of relationship selling like insurance, network marketing or real estate agent, you will want to use your own profile to post content. This take a lot of time and effort at your end.

The 2nd type is to use paid advertising. If you want to set up a campaign fast, you can use the FB lead form to capture leads. You can then follow up on the leads that you receive in your lead centre.  

So, you may ask, which method is best or should I use?

It all depends on what you want to achieve.

Free methods are good ways to get started because they allow you to test out new products and services, without committing any money.

If you’re looking to gather data in order to make an informed decision, then you should consider paying for advertising. This will give you the most accurate statistics for your business.

Content Lead Generation For Website

Your website is an important part of your business, and what’s on your website is more important. You will need to focus on the message that you need to relay so that you increase the chances of people contacting you.

You can do that by creating content. By content, we mean content that is helpful to your reader or prospect. You will have to answer their question, which is “what is in it for me?”

Below is a framework that you can use to whip up good content.

1. Research – Before you start writing any content, you need to do research on who your audience is, what their problems are, and how you can provide solutions to solve them.

2. Competitor Analysis – Go online and check out what your competitors are doing, and see if you can do it better.

3. Keyword Analysis – If you want to improve the search results you need to understand what it takes to find keywords or keyphrases relevant to your product or service. Researching those that are relevant to your business, product or service you’re selling can help you find new customers or open a new market.

4. Add a sales enquiry page – While a landing page is good to collect leads, not all business requires one. Sometimes all it need is a plain ol simple enquiry page to do the job. 

If this sound like a lot to do, you should consider hiring an SEO specialist who understands how content works overall within the lead generation process.

Landing Page Lead Generation

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a website designed to help you generate qualified leads for your business. They are typically designed in a way to pre-sell or warm the person up and persuade them to engage you.

If you want to create a successful landing page, then you need to follow the following 3 points. A good landing page will make your visitor

  • understand the message
  • know clearly what it entails
  • know how to contact you

Once you create your landing page, you should start optimizing it with keywords by putting those words into the title and meta description.

This way, you’ll rank higher in search engine results when people search for your keyword.

Think of the landing page as your 24/7 salesperson. You also need to provide value and clarity on that page so that it will do what it suppose to do for you. 

Google Ad as Lead Generation

Another way you can do lead generation for the website is to use Google ads.

It is important to know what kind of ad you are going to run. At the point of writing, you can consider using Performance Max or PMax. If you are not using the right type of objective, you might end up spending a lot with little or no results.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

The first thing you should do is choose the right keywords or affinity. The more relevant these are, the better chance your ad will show up.

Next, if you are going for image base ad, your image has to be eye-catching to your targeted audience. 

Make sure that you set the budget before you create your ad. You need to make sure that you know how much you’ll be spending before you start advertising. You can easily do that by calculating the margins and the possible conversion from the ad.


In conclusion, having a lead generation for the website process is important.

There are multiple ways to do this, and it can be very overwhelming for one person. We always advise clients to start by taking small baby steps and strategically implementing the methods to get results.

There are no “fail” methods or “campaigns”. Instead, learning through these campaigns helps most of our clients get better results than they have before.

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