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Map Out For Organic Growth

What Is Included?

Review, Audit and SEO Recommendations

Analytics Review

Without proper tracking in place, we cannot make informed strategic decision and recommendation for your SEO marketing campaign. We will first audit your account to ensure that your data is sound for reporting.

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Website Audit

Our proprietary method of auditing a website will pull up recommendations of what needs to improve, enhance or fixed. So you know in which area your website can further enhance to improve your overal site integrity.

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SEO ROI Calculations

While ranking first page in search engine is essential but ranking means nothing if we can’t calculate its potential return on investment. We will calculate your potential SEO marketing campaign ROI all based on your product and services pricing. This ensures realistic projections.

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Comprehensive SEO Strategy

With the data that analysis from review, audit and calculations, we compiled it into an actionable SEO strategy for you. We will then walk you through exactly what is needed to be done now to get you the organic growth. This translate to a higher ranking, more enquiries, more sales.

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"I'm glad to have found Jeffrey through one of my friends. He is patient and walks me through SEO and how my site can rank in search engines. I took his SEO service and in 3 months time, I've seen an increase in traffic and online enquiry. He goes over and beyond to help me structure my follow up also. Really appreciate all your help Jeffrey."
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Michelle Leong
Talk to our SEO growth advisor today about how to increase your website organic traffic and revenue with our short term SEO “DASH” Service.

Our SEO "DASH" Clients Results


A “DASH” is actually a short focused burst of effort to tackle each stage or pillar in a local SEO marketing campaign. Instead of taking months to complete, we work in “DASH” within 7 working days. Each “DASH” is a standalone service and can be executed based on your current website situation and your marketing goal.

There will be no retainer. Each local SEO services “DASH” can be completed as a standalone service. However, most clients hire us to do multiple “DASH” throughout the year. Take for example, a consulting firm who want more people to know their expertise, take on Authority “DASH” and is usually completed 3 – 4 times per year to ensure enough content is being created.

Local SEO Services are services that caters to businesses that serve their audience locally. While organic SEO services are for businesses who mainly serve their audience both locally and internationally.

Each “DASH” is a standalone service. They can be completed within a few weeks, so there is no need for long term contracts. During our consultation, we will recommend the number of DASH needed for your business.

The number of “DASH” needed depends on your how current website situation, your objective and budget. Typically, most of our clients uses 4-6 “DASH” per year. During our consultation, we will recommend how many “DASH” is needed.
As there is no retainer or monthly recurring, we charge you a one time fee based on the number of URLs we work on your website. The larger the site or more URLs, the more effort needed, the higher the price per “DASH”.

Yes, of course you can. Our “DASH” services as mention is a standalone service. We will first have to understand your current website situation, progress, and the SEO work done. After which, we can then tell you exactly what type and the duration of “DASH” to use.

You will receive your report based on the work we done on the selected “DASH”. 

Talk to our SEO growth advisor today about how to increase your website organic traffic and revenue with our short term SEO “DASH” Service.