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FB Lead Generation

Most business owners know that leads are the lifeblood of any business. But not all leads are equal. 

Here is where we come in to help fix your problem.

Business are engaging our FB lead generation to generate leads for their businesses. Whether you are running a service or product based like e-commerce, we are able to use our 3 pillar FB lead generate framework to increase your lead flow.

3 Pillars to FB Lead Generation

Step 1 - Understand Your Objective

At the start of any lead generation process, we will understand in detail what kind of promotion or offer you would like to roll out.

We will then advised you accordingly and input ideas and feedback to make the offer more irresistible to your targeted audience. 

We also will outline our proven proprietary 3C’s lead generation framework, so that you can see how the process work.

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Step 2 - Design and Development

We will then take what is discussed in step 1 and turn it into reality. 

During this phase, we will proceed to design landing pages or optimize your current pages. We will also design and develop digital asset for use in the marketing campaign. We will research your target audience as well.

Before the campaign launch, you will have the chance to look through all creatives made. 

Step 3 - Reporting

In this phase, depending on the marketing campaign objectives, you will either receive leads notification through your email or inside your FB page – all on real-time.

You will also receive a monthly fb lead generation report analysis so that you know the progress.

If you would like us to generate leads online for you, fill in the form below. 

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