FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Website Design FAQ

Yes, we do. In the process of revamping your website, we will also include basic on-page SEO and marketing elements into it.

Yes, we build website that is responsive. That means your site will look and feel the same regardless what device your visitor is using.

This is another great reason to have your website rebuild for your advertising campaign.

If you are running any paid advertising like Google PPC or FB advertising, it make more sense to have make sure you have advertising ready landing pages.

Since we are already design and develop website, SEO optimizing it, we can also make the landing pages “advertising ready”.

Now, when we say “advertising read”, we meant that we follow the structure of a good landing page that is design to convert.

We use wordpress for all of our website creation. We use wordpress on our site too. 

The main reason why wordpress is use is the ease and speed of implementation. 

Website content here means the content that need to be put on your website. 

For example,

  • your logo
  • your about us or origin story
  • your contact us information
  • your product and/or services information

For eCommerce, website content will be

  • product picture
  • product description 
  • product listing
  • return policy
  • term and condition
  • privacy policy
  • home page content
  • about us content
  • contact us information

The content maybe edited for conversion purposes.


Our SEO pricing is largely depending on the length or duration of the contract. 

We provide one off SEO service as part of our Xperience SEO service.

We will write the articles for you so you can focus more of what you do best.

“SEO Strategies” means a list of potential SEO strategies that consist of:

  • Off-site directory audit
  • Name, Address and Person (“NAP”) audit
  • Metadata optimization and/or creation
  • Click-through rate (“CTR”) analysis
  • Google My Business (“GMB”) profile optimization
  • Competitive analysis
  • Internal link optimization
  • Long-tail keyword optimization
  • Linkbuilding opportunities

FB Lead Generation FAQ

You will need a Facebook advertising account to run ad. We will walk you through to add us inside your business manager account, so we can manage the advertising for you.

A lead form is FB native lead capturing form. While the forms are auto filled, you may add in additional questions to further qualify the leads. 

Yes, we do. If you have already a landing page, copywriting done up, we can take over your existing campaign if certain requirements are met.

Service Questions FAQ

Our agreement or contract length depend largely on the scope of work.

For most of our SEO and FB lead generation clients, there is a short 4 months service agreement and option to renew after that.

The reason for this is when we create your website, strategising and acquiring data during advertising phase,  we often invest several resources up front to ensure that it perform.

Those resources mentions include our team labor, the expertise and time we use to create a successful project.

You have the option to renew with us.

If you take up our web design service, you will be given a recorded tutorial video on how to use your website.

We can also go on-site to train and teach your staff. This will incurred additional charges.

If you take up our SEO service, we can discuss further on which task inside SEO that we can train or teach your staff.

If you take up our FB lead generation service, we can be on-site to train or teach your staff how to see the report backend and how to connect your business manager account to ours.