eCommerce Marketing Service

Sell more of your products online using 3 steps framework

eCommerce Marketing if done right can really increase your bottomline

About eCommerce Marketing Service

eCommerce Marketing is a service provided by SocialProfit to sell more of your products online both on paid and organically.

You may or may not heard about sales funnel or clickfunnels. While these are great, what most lack of is the business acumen of bringing the products online to sell. 

What we does here is an extension of your team.

Think of a hybrid of a business consultant and digital marketer combine. Most business owners know that people with these two skillsets are rare and highly sought after.

So, you can rest assure that we will first understand your business processes before advising you which platform work best than just doing sales funnel.

Here's How We Work With You On Your eCommerce Marketing

Step 1 - Design or Optimize Your eCommerce Site

At the start of any eCommerce Marketing service, we will see if you an eCommerce website.

If you do not have one, we will work with you to design a full fledge eCommerce site. 

In the event if you already have, we will do an eCommece site audit and advise accordingly.

After this step, we will move on to step 2


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Step 2 - Business Intelligence

After completing your site, we will do a business intelligence research for you. This includes your business process, buyer behaviour and marketing process. 

At SocialProfit, we uses these data to work together with you to properly advise you on which platform work best and how to price or work out a new offer. 

Once we have gather enough data, we will formulate a marketing plan and the marketing platform for you.

You will then have to approve before the implementation of the eCommerce marketing service.

Step 3 - Implementation

We will implement the marketing plan as stated in step 2. 

During this stage, we will monitor the data closely and feedback to you. We will also do a monthly report, so you know the essential figures. 

Typically, this implementation requires a minimum of 3 months. In some situation, a 1 month campaign is enough. 

For most businesses, 3 months is the norm as there are many moving parts when it comes to eCommerce.

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Ready to use our eCommerce Marketing Service?

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