Digital Marketing Pricing

Which Type of Model Suits You

Equip Yourself With Different Digital Marketing Pricing Models To Make An Informed Decision.

Digital Marketing Pricing Models

There are many different digital marketing pricing models out there in the market. 

On this page, we will go through the different pricing model that are currently in the market.

Let’s take a look at two of the more common pricing models inside digital marketing industry

  1. the partner model
  2. the hourly model

Then, we will go over our digital marketing model – the retainer model.

digital marketing pricingPartner Model: Pay Based On ROI of Product or Service Sold

This is a value-driven approach model. That means, the agency will receive X when they successfully help a business sold Y of their products and services. 

While this is a very welcoming move for business owners side, where the agency absorb all the risk.

The downside of this model is that the amount of work put in is the same working with higher ROI or branded product or services. 

While this partner model approach is very successful for many agencies, we just feel that this structure is not a fair one for our clients.

digital marketing pricing modelHourly Model: Pay Per Hour Work Done

This model means that agency will bill business per hour of work done. Some may think that this is fair and transparent digital marketing pricing model, one will never know if they are increase the number of hours just to make more. 

For example, a simple change on website may take 10 minutes for a professional but they may billed the business 1 hour. 

Because we are not physically there, we are at the mercy of how they structure their hours. 

While this pricing structure works, unless we are physically there to monitor, we maybe billed more hours for work not done. 

digital marketing model - retainerRetainer Model: SocialProfit’s Pricing Model 

The retainer model is a fair pricing model where the price is agreed before the service is rendered.

This means that the agency typically know the amount of effort and time needed to get the job done – just like how professional does in any given industry. 

By going in as a retainer model, the agency need to deliver the deliverables (results) for the client.

And, regardless how much the agency helps client makes their ROI, the client would still be charged based on the agreed fees.

With this approach, our client know what they are getting and receiving, what we are working on for them and for how long. 

On top of that, frequent, daily and real-time updates are what we gives our client so that they can have peace of mind.

If you still have question about our digital marketing pricing model, please refer to the FAQ section below.

Digital Marketing Pricing Model FAQ

Yes. We do. In fact, this is our practice at our agency, so that you know the deliverables.

Yes and No. We understand that some of our clients would want us to do it on their behalf. In this case, we will factor in the ad-spend inside the package. We will also recommend amount of ad-spend to every client who take up our digital marketing services.

Typically, we recommended 3 months minimum for all digital marketing services to have any meaningful results. However, the duration can be shorter in some circumstances. In this case, more resources maybe needed to reach your objectives.

Yes you can renew before the campaign ends. 

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