The Challenge

One of our client who run an professional cleaning service is faced with significant challenges in standing out in a highly competitive market. Their website suffered from low traffic, poor keyword rankings, and ultimately, underwhelming sales figures. They approach us to help them increase their visibility on search engines but also to ensure that this visibility translated into tangible results.

The Client’s Needs

  • Increase website traffic organically to have a higher exposure.
  • Increase organic click to their website

Solution Implemented

After understanding the unique challenges our client as a B2B companies face in their competitive digital landscape, we implemented our data driven SEO strategy to reach their goal.

Step 1: SEO Audit and Strategy Development

We commenced by conducting a comprehensive SEO audit of the client’s website. This audit highlighted key areas for improvement, including on-page optimization, technical SEO health, and content strategy enhancements.

Step 2: Keyword Research and Optimization

We identified high-value keywords relevant to the client and integrated these keywords into the website’s content and their service pages, meta tags, and URLs, ensuring all elements were aligned with current SEO best practices.

Step 3: Revenue Generating Content & Backlinks

To establish them as a thought leader in their industry, we developed a content calendar that focused on creating informative and keyword-rich blog posts and articles. We also executed a strategic link-building campaign to acquire high-quality backlinks from reputable sites within the industry, significantly boosting their website domain authority .

The Results

Within a period of 6 months (after we take over in June), the site saw 45% increase in clicks and 66% in impression increase.

cleaning service company seo case study

From the below graph, you can see that the graph line is gradually increase in an upward trend. This shows that the site is gaining exposure and traction in search engines when you do SEO the right way.

cleaning service company seo results

The Impact

Our strategic data driven SEO efforts for our client site not only improved their search engine visibility but also significantly impacted their bottom line by driving more qualified traffic and increasing sales conversions. This case study demonstrates our commitment to delivering tangible results through strategic data driven SEO strategies.

Ready to Grow Your Website Organically?

Just like our the above client, your professional service business can achieve sustainable growth through a well-executed SEO strategy. At, we can help you develop and implement a customized SEO plan that delivers results.

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and learn how we can help you generate more qualified leads organically!

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