The Challenge

As a multibrand e-commerce site, [Client Name] faced challenges in promoting specific SKUs effectively due to the diverse nature of their product offerings. The primary objectives were to enhance organic sales and position the site as a trusted authority in their competitive market niche.

The Client’s Needs

  • Increase organic sales.
  • Establish the site as a leading authority within their niche.
  • Increase high quality traffic and visitor to the site.

Solution: eCommerce Organic Sales Framework

We began with an in-depth analysis of Client’s business structure to understand the dynamics of their multibrand offerings and pinpoint opportunities for targeted SEO enhancements.

Step 1: Create a Business-Led SEO Strategy

Our team developed a bespoke SEO strategy that aligned closely with their business goals, focusing on strategic promotions of high-potential SKUs and broader brand positioning.

Step 2: Optimize Their Category and Product Pages

We revamped both category and product pages, optimizing them for SEO with enhanced meta descriptions, title tags, and content that incorporated strategic keywords relevant to their diverse products.

Step 3: Create Posts that Cater to Different Touch Points

To engage customers at various stages of the buying process, we crafted a variety of content forms, including educational articles, how-to guides, and feature highlights that addressed different customer touch points and encouraged deeper interaction with the brand.

The Results

Within a period of 12 months, the site saw 99% increase in visitors and 80% in organic sales.

multibrand ecommerce seo case study

The Impact

The strategic SEO enhancements led to a substantial increase in organic traffic, with a notable uplift in sales conversions, demonstrating effective targeting and customer engagement. Client successfully cemented their status as a go-to site within their niche, evidenced by increased sales and traffic. Through a tailored SEO strategy that aligned with their business structure and goals, Client not only boosted their organic sales but also established themselves as a leading authority in their market niche. This transformation showcases our capability to strategically enhance e-commerce performance through comprehensive and customized SEO efforts.

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